Rebecca Murray
A little about me and I can assure that I hate doing these bio things.

I am a London girl currently living and working in Auckland New Zealand. My day job is a dog wrangler (A dog supervisor at a dog day care centre).  The weekend is when I can become the author I dream of one day being,

I have written all of my life, but mainly fanfictions. A few years ago I discovered a RP group on twitter and for two years I wrote with them in many forms and found my love for writing again.

After a very personal bit of cyberbullying from someone I once called a friend my confidence was destroyed and I stopped writing for a while.  The monster could not keep me down for long and the abuse I suffered at their hands  became my drive to write once more.

That is how I have ended up here, about to release my first novel and I have many more adventures planned.

My writing is mainly paranormal and aimed very much at the YA market, but anyone can read them I hope. I mean lets face it who doesn't love some sexy vampires and werewolves?

When I am not writing and wrangling dogs I read, alot, anything and everything. I love discovering new authors and new genres that I never thought I would read.
Edger Allan Poe